Eastside Farmers Market Vendors

-get to know our farmers and makers-


Baer Gard

“BAER GARD” means Berry Farm in Norwegian and our name reflects the rich heritage of our small family farm as well as our location on the Yahara River in Stoughton, WI.   This is our (Rich and Fern Hosfeld’s) second season of providing certified organic red raspberries. We grow seven varieties selected for Midwest hardiness and flavor.  We harvest our raspberries for the community to enjoy nature’s natural dessert and to experience our berries’ many health benefits.  We look forward to seeing you at the market!

Bauman Meats

The Baumans enjoy eating simple foods without a lot of strange unpronounceable chemicals in them. That is the way the meats are brought to you.
The crops are homegrown and fed to the animals. No genetically modified grains are used nor are insecticides. Natural “fertilizer” from the animals is preferred over using harsh commercial chemical fertilizers, as well as crop rotation to keep the fields healthy and fertile. The Baumans consider their meats natural. That means no antibiotics or artificial implanted hormones are used in the production of the animals. Cows are on pasture; pigs out in the open air and sunshine, and all chickens are free range, including the egg laying hens. They are well cared for and healthy. Animals are processed in local area processing plants. You are getting just meat, no fillers or extra water. The processors are instructed to make sure the meat products are lean without being too dry.


Blue Skies Farm

Blue Skies Farm was founded in 1991 by Paul and Louise Maki, then as a means to show that small scale agriculture is viable.  Now 25 years later we are very much a success!  Blue Skies grows using organic and bio-dynamic methods and was Certified Organic from 1993 through 2006, until we chose to not support the current program.  Our primary crops are raspberries (pre-picked and U-pick), tropical ginger and turmeric, tomatoes, onions, asparagus, greens, root crops, herbs and if the season is good, unsprayed apples. During the holiday season we also provide unsprayed holiday trees.



Bruno Botanicals

Bruno Botanicals stand will feature an array of fresh and nutritious wild edibles and medicinal plants for making your own preparations alongside fresh and seasonal prepared foods.  You can expect to find spring tonic pestos, medicinal syrups, hot sauce and wild berry jams alongside plants starts of calendula, yarrow, chamomile and more, seasonally available herbs and wild edibles such as stinging nettle in the spring time, wild berries in the summer and roots and more prepared foods in the fall.  Liz Bruno is bringing this market stand as a way to share information and access to plant medicine into community, leveraging her decade of studies of herbalism and natural medicine, while pursuing her own economic stability.  The stand will also be a place to practice models of wealth redistribution through sliding scale options and connecting to larger purpose as a place to find information and contribute to projects forwarding social and environmental justice. 

Chef K. Clark Pickles and Preserves

Small batch producers of unique pickles and preserves.
Beer Jelly! made from local craft brews is always featured.
Using unusual varieties of vegetables, we create distinctive combinations.
We do not use artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.  
Each jar is hand crafted with the freshest of produce, herbs, and spices.


Christensen's Farm

Katy and Mark Dickson are entering their ninth season as market gardeners.  Located in the rolling hills of Green County, Christensen’s Farm is a family endeavor. Three generations enjoy digging in the dirt and growing healthy high quality organic produce. We raise a wide variety of vegetables and berries and have free range happy chickens that provide delicious eggs.


Chrysalis Pops

Chrysalis has a 40 year history of providing innovative, effective and empowering, vocational mental health services in Dane County. In 2016 staff recognized that it was time to incorporate a different approach to helping people connect to work. Chrysalis Pops offers individuals the opportunity to gain meaningful, paid work experience while producing and selling local, organic, artisan fruit pops. We work to source as many ingredients as possible from our fellow market vendors and provide a pop that not only tastes great, but is great for our community.


Crème de le Coulée

Crème de le Coulée Artisan Cheese is Wisconsin's sole cheese producer specializing in the production of traditional French-style soft-ripened cheese.  Cheese maker Bill Anderson uses grassfed milk from local dairy farms, and makes his cheese at several different production facilities around Wisconsin.  It is cave-aged in the Wisconsin Driftless or "Coulee" region, which results in a unique and full-flavored artisan cheeses.


Eco Dynamics

Eco Dynamics was founded in 2015 to be a resource for landowners looking to improve their yard using native plants to create habitat for wildlife. We grow woodland and prairie plants in a small greenhouse in Madison with seeds originating as close to southern Wisconsin as possible. We are passionate about providing plants with the correct genotype for this area that are neonicotinoid free. Our fertilizers are not synthetic and the soil used is locally sourced for a holistic approach.
Learn more about the benefits of native plants at:


Emerald Meadows

We are a friendly diversified family farm growing certified organic grains, veggies, and flowers. We sell through a CSA, wholesale, and attend the Madison Eastside, Monona, and Sun Prairie farmers markets. We are located just outside of Columbus, WI and have been serving the greater Madison area since 1998.


Farmer Johns' Cheese

Four generations of John Doughertys have produced milk on our family farm at 5608 Far Look Rd, Spring Green, WI. Our milk is converted into cheese by four different cheese factories associated with the Scenic Central Cooperative. We are proud of our family farm and of the Eastside Farmer's Market, of which we have been a member since its inception.


Five Green Acres

Five Green Acres is a small family homestead nestled in the glacial foothills of Poynette.  We are Mary Jo and Andrew Borchardt, and we create our own reality here on the Acres.  
Led here by our ravenous hunger, we raise our own eggs and milk and meat - lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, and duck - and offer the surplus to our friends and neighbors.  Sweetness comes from own honey and maple syrup, and we’ve embraced lard with open arms.  We care deeply about our food, and we eat like kings! We invite you to as well.  We cultivate beauty. We clothe ourselves in the luxurious wool provided by our carefully curated fiber sheep - each harvest offers a limited-edition yarn for sale.  And now, we welcome an abundance of cut flowers to the Acres, those ephemeral beauties that remind us to revel in the now and celebrate.  
We are honored and humbled to call this life ours.  We wish to share this delicious beauty with you - you can find us offering our cut flower bouquets at the market, along with information about our wedding and event floral styling services.  There might even be a bit of wool yarn there as well.



Fizzeology is committed to strengthening our local community by sourcing ingredients from small, local, organic farms. Our mission is to raise health awareness, one gut at a time, marketing real foods in harmony with nature.
We passionately produce delicious healthful foods that supply energy to the body and aid natural detoxification, while educating the public as to the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods.


Flowers 4 the People

Flowers 4 the People is a small Eastside Madison woman owned business.  Tina Nelson started the business in 2011 with help from good friend Sheila Haskins, with both ladies sharing a vision of growing beautiful flowers using organic standards.  All flowers are grown at Terra Growers farm on Hwy K in Waunakee. 
Today, in addition to happily vending at the Eastside Farmers Market, the business has grown to offer a 10-week flower CSA, and flowers for weddings and other special events.


Holistic Harvest

Holistic Harvest focuses on soil to soul wellness. We accomplish this through bodywork, energy work, and aromatherapy in companionship with sustainable agriculture. We utilize non-mechanized no till methods to cultivate our crops and build our soil. Food shares are offered through the Community Health Initiative program and our produce is also available at the local farmer’s market. Our goal is to aid in healing the community though diverse offerings of products and services.

Honey Bee Bakery

Honey Bee Bakery is a small family business that produces hand crafted breads and artisan pastries.  We specialize in baked goods made with local, organic, and seasonal ingredients.  Our stand is a familiar sight at Madison area farmers' markets and events.  Our products are rustic, golden, and simply delicious.  Aside from the markets, we make wonderful natural wedding cakes and special occasion cakes.  Honey Bee Bakery is committed to supporting our local food system and fellow farmers' market vendors.


KIN-KIN Coffee

KIN-KIN is a specialty coffee roaster located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are Midwesterners at heart – friendly, honest, hardworking and equal parts Bears and Packers fans. Our goal at KIN-KIN is simply to provide our customers with great coffee and create happy partnerships along the way.


Let It Ride Cold Brew

Established in 2014 to provide the Madison area with an Eco-conscious functional beverage from start to finish. We use Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans locally roasted for us by Just Coffee and then our spent grounds become beds for mushroom growth.
Brewed for a prolonged period of time at low temperatures creates a smooth and tasty drink with less acidity than a hot brewed coffee. Our use of a high concentration of coffee beans to water yields a super strong brew that is great for drinking by itself, mixed with you favorite milk and perfect for cooking and baking.
Stop on by the farmers' market to get a fresh cup of cold brew or a Let It Float made with Chocolate Shoppe Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream. We look forward to seeing you this market season and don't forget to...Think about the energy you drink!



Morning Star Family Farm

Morning Star Family Farm, LLC, is a small family farm located in Hartford.  Our goal is to provide your family with the healthiest and best tasting food on the planet.  You will find no GMOs, no chemicals, no pesticides or herbicides here. What you will find are delicious, high quality meats (100% grass-fed beef, heritage-breed pork, Certified Naturally Grown chicken and rabbit), CNG chicken and duck eggs, and CNG berries and tree fruits.  We are proud to bring you our small-batch, handcrafted kombucha and elderberry syrup as well. We hope you will enjoy our beautiful, local, home-grown farm products. God bless you, Kathy Roxas


Morren Orchards

Antique and popular apple, plum and pear varieties, farm-pressed cider, live cider vinegar, Concord grapes &more. We planted our orchard in 1999 on fallow land being used as a horse pasture 40 miles south of Madison. Henry, a third-generation fruit-grower originally from Southwest Michigan, practices sustainable small-scale agriculture and IPM. Our carefully tended orchard and licensed nursery features antique and other apple trees as well as plum, pear and peach trees, with bare root apple trees available now for planting (until early-mid May). These are lovingly grafted from our own orchard, in which our cultivation of traditional French and English cider and dessert apples allows us to specialize in both cider and fresh-eating varieties. See complete list of apples and rootstock on our website. We also feature an unusually diverse selection of plum trees, with fruit ideal for baking and fresh eating. Live cider vinegar from our own apples will be available in limited quantities starting in Spring, 2016. Exceptionally vibrant because of the particular apples it is made from (rare varieties traditionally cultivated for cider), our vinegar is delicious for drinking and is ideal for culinary or cocktail use.

(608) 445-2067

Nami Chips

Our mission is to help promote sustainability & healthy living by preserving nature's abundance and meeting the needs for nutritious & convenient food. Our recipes are developed based on the local produce here in the midst of organic land, WI. We chop the veggies, germinate the seeds, ferment the grains and dehydrate them all to provide these artisan chips
for your optimum health benefit with love, sweat & the power of koji.


Nature's Bakery Cooperative

Nature's Bakery Cooperative is a worker-owned and managed co-op specializing in organic whole grains. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan organic whole grain baked goods, including sliced bread, pita. granola, burgers, calzones, wheat-free flat bread, trail mix, and cookies. Since Nature's Bakery is a worker cooperative, we all run the business together. Come meet the bakers and enjoy some fresh baked goods. Give us a call, 608.257.3649 and you can always pre-order to ensure you get the baked goods you want. 


Origin Breads

ORIGIN Breads bakes small batches of naturally-leavened, long-fermented breads with Wisconsin-grown and stone-milled organic wheat and grains. We’re proud to source our organic wheat, rye, spelt, buckwheat and corn locally from Lonesome Stone Milling in Lone Rock, Wisconsin. Thanks to Lonesome Stone's small community of local farmers, we can tell you the name of the farmer who grew the wheat for every bag of flour we use. ORIGIN Breads makes a variety of loaves, but for the Eastside Farmers’ Market we’ll be featuring our focaccia and flatbreads. Our naturally-leavened round focaccia has a moist, chewy crumb filled with irregular holes and bookended by a crispy, olive-oily crust. To make our flatbreads, we use a smaller portion of our focaccia dough and flatten it out so it resembles a pizza more than a loaf of bread. Seasonal and local toppings vary throughout the market season.


Patterson Sugar Bush

Five generations of Pattersons have made maple syrup at our family sugar bush nestled between the two forks of the Flambeau River in Park Falls, WI. In 1988, Richard Patterson took over the sugaring operation and founded Patterson Sugar Bush, at which time our syrup became commercially available to locals. We take great pride in our forest, are committed to low-impact sap collection practices and utilize energy-saving cooking systems. PSB is proud to offer 100% pure maple syrup from forest to fork. Sweet!


Rainbow Fleece Farm

A domestic fair trade farm with sustainable practices: access to fresh air and sunshine; grass-based, free-range; no antibiotics or hormones for our lamb, chickens and turkeys. Whole/halves/various cuts, inspected, licensed lamb. On-site woolen mill and yarn shop with fiber, blankets, “slow-sox” and eco-dryer balls. Educational farm events, fiber/felting workshops.


Roots Down Community Farm

Roots Down Community Farm is a small 2 acre certified organic farm located just Southeast of Madison. Our philosophy is rooted in our land, techniques that support healthy soil, and nutrient-dense food. Our passion is growing quality food for our CSA members and local community.  Since 2007 we have been delivering our CSA shares to the East Side Farmers Market for pick up at the stand where our produce is also sold by the piece.  Join our CSA through our website or stop by the stand to try our produce for yourself and enjoy the market!


Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares is fully-integrated Community Supported Fishery (CSF).  We have a lovable group of thirteen fishermen-owners who harvest our fish using sustainable hook-and-line methods.  We have a small processing plant in Sitka, Alaska, where we custom-process our catch with a laser focus on quality and traceability.  And we have three Good-Fish Hubs in the Midwest (Galesburg, Chicago, and Madison) which allow us to deliver our fishermen’s catch directly to our members' doorsteps, local farmers markets, restaurants.  At Sitka Salmon Shares, members and market customers join a community of artisan fishers, healthy eaters, foodies, and Alaskan adventurers in our collective efforts to rebuild America’s seafood system from the ground up.


Small Potato Farm

Born in the root cellar, swaddled in a burlap bag, Small Potato Farm has sprouted.
The farm has grown in size to now include two farmers' markets and a CSA.
Look for us every week at the Eastside Farmers' Market.

Sprouting Acres 

We are a small, certified organic, family-run farm with a 20-24-week CSA season that includes a wide variety of vegetables and some fruit. Visit our website for more information or find us at the Tuesday Eastside and the Saturday Dane County Farmers' Markets. We are located outside of Cambridge and have been growing for over 13 years. 


Sweet Wisconsin Honey Farm:

The Bahrs have kept bees on their Sweet Wisconsin Honey Farm in Poynette for 15 years. At markets, customers will find bottled honey, beeswax, honeycomb and campfire starters. 


The Ugly Apple

The Ugly Apple started as a food cart here in Madison serving breakfast foods by using seconds and end-of-market extras from local farmers. This past winter I started making a line of jellies, jams and preserves to use even more of this great local produce. Keep an eye out for fruit leather and other goodies as the season progresses.


V. Yang Produce

New to the Eastside Market, the Yangs grow a nutritious vegetables using sustainable methods.

More Vendors!

Elderberry Hill
Indian Hill Mushrooms